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IndicXP is a tool for automated installation of Hindi/Indic support (support for complex text Indian language scripts) in Windows 2000 and XP. For working in Hindi in Windows 2000 and XP one needs to enable Indic Support (Complex Text Layout support) from Control Panel for which Windows CD is required. Many times due to unavailability of Windows CD causes problems, moreover this process is a bit difficult for begginers.


IndicXP makes this  process easier. Indic support can be enabled by just two clicks without need of Windows CD. Moreover it changes language switching hotkey to CTRL+SHIFT which is better in comparison to default hotkey ALT+SHIFT. The whole process is automated with minimal user interation. Computer should be restarted at the end of installation.

There are two versions IndicXP Lite and IndicXP Plus. The plus version includes Indic IME, an IME for typing Hindi too.


» Indic XP Lite

» Indic XP Plus

Read this page in Hindi here.

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